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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

emiliana torrini

"dead duck"

this is what i've got on repeat right now...

i'm at hip replacements today, watching the store while franzi & kip are in new york buying lots of new goodies for the store to accommodate the spring weather we are so badly hoping for. the snow is beautiful. i love it. and i love the cold. i love jackets and coats and sweaters and knitwear, but the winter pushes me inside myself. i spend more time in bed than any other time of year. it's when i catch up on the seasons of television i have neglected throughout the year, watch movies i didn't have time to see in theatre, and write the letters i've been thinking about writing since the last time i said "goodbye."

i've written a couple of letters this winter. one got sent away, but for the other, i've got no number, and i've got no address.

that being said, this winter has been really good for me. i'm moving across town on saturday, into a place by myself and it couldn't come at a better time.

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