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Saturday, September 18, 2010

free neckwarmer pattern

peruvian cowl

peruvian cowl

for the pdf, visit my etsy!
and to purchase the item, it's also on etsy and at the dry goods shop...

the pattern:

cascade “eco +” yarn
US 13 needles

1. cast on 44 stitches
2. knit for 52”
3. weave in loose ends, leaving one long one for seaming
4. put a single twist in knitted fabric before seaming, to create
a “mobius” illusion
5. seam 9” of ends together, leaving a slit to fit over the

Saturday, September 11, 2010

back on etsy!

so after a long hiatus, i finally got back into the picture-taking mood, and took a bunch of my new wares along with some pretty vintage finds.

here's a few...

skinny belt

little wallet

"i love the eighties" bag

merino wrist-warmers

merino wrist-warmers

heathery merino neckwarmer

Friday, September 10, 2010

knitting q & a

tomorrow morning from 10-12 at the dry goods shop, we are having a knitting q & a session. it's just a $5-10 donation for two hours of "help" from me. Basically, you can bring in a trouble project you have questions about, get reminders about how to read patterns, get started on something, or just come in and knit with the assurance that if something goes wrong, i'm here to help!

if you have questions, e-mail me at tangle.design@gmail.com

also, atelier 24 is having an opening tomorrow night from 6ish-9ish (i think!). wine and snacks are provided, along with artist meet & greets. i'll be there the entire time to answer any questions about my work, classes, or just to talk.

i am planning on starting to post a free knitting pattern on here every other week. it will be posted here, and on the dry goods blog. to learn more, take a class!

Friday, September 3, 2010


here are some articles that have recently been written about the studio i started working in at the beginning of august:

wnc magazine

verve magazine, the article "good & plenty

i am teaching a knitting class there on tuesday morning from 10-12, and a knitting q & a the following saturday (sept. 11) from 10-12. for more details, visit the dry goods blog. if you're interested in signing up, just shoot me an e-mail at tangle.design@gmail.com , or e-mail leigh anne through the store blog.

see you soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i have SO MUCH news...

#1. yesterday, i set up at atelier 24 on lexington avenue! i had been debating about it pretty much all summer, and due to the season's business--what with the big crafty and bele chere, and relationship changes, moving across town and working like a madperson--i just never seemed to be able to take the time to consider ACTUALLY trying to set up a spot there. gabrielle must have known i needed the little extra push because after just a few e-mails throughout july and august, i made the jump.

i spent all last week field-tripping to hardware stores where i would stare dumbfoundedly at the aisles of nails and brackets and lumber, covering myself and my wardrobe in paint, and feverishly labeling, inventorying, and making new pieces. after all the build-up, i could hardly believe when it was finished. i have work in a few different stores, but i have never felt such a strong sense of accomplishment as i did when i finished my little wall, because i was really able to envision my goals for the future.

here are some pictures...

my 'atelier 24' spot!


neckwarmer & bobbies


#2. i have decided to stay at the dripolator! the wine bar has been great, but there's no place like home, and the dripolator definitely feels like that. i'll start the espresso training with scott next week, and i'll be behind the espresso machine in no time!

thanks to everybody here for being so incredible...

#3. KNITTING CLASSES! my next post will describe these in a bit more detail, but i am teaching them at the dry goods shop in west asheville. there's a calendar of events link on the right side of the blog page. check it out!

#4. School has started again. Two classes. They seem to be pretty easy, but without being uninteresting, SO, that's great!

(knitting post will be up later today)