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Monday, January 10, 2011


so....my list the other day was a bit ambitious. i'm still working through it.

i am SO excited about the art show this weekend! once again, it's at bobo gallery, sunday evening at 8 pm. there will be readers of poetry & personal essays, a story-teller, two photographers, a sculptor, and my drawings.

the show will be followed by a dance party, dj'd by the lovely eb.

shortly after the art show, in the beginning of february, there will be another benefit at hairspray in downtown asheville...a drag/burlesque show/friend auction of sorts. basically, a mash-up. as soon as i'm through moving (hopefully that will be the middle of next week) i will start feverishly working on the flyer for that and re-pursuing contacts in nearby cities for april rally plans. oh yes, rally plans. i am so excited about all that jufa is doing to promote change/public education and am really thankful to have become involved because i have been desperate to find a way to make/work toward real change in our community/world, but have had trouble realizing a focus for that passion. hopefully i'll have more news on the upcoming events and rally very soon.


this yarn is my new love...

aslan trends, royal alpaca

i have been knitting the sweetest, softest neck-warmers and hats. it's soft and light and really malleable while being super warm and great at holding shape.

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