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Monday, June 28, 2010

dry goods

meeting at the dry goods shop this morning!
it's right at the crest of the hill in west asheville where the exits for 240 are.

grand opening on july 3rd!

maybe i'll be consigning there..........?

Friday, June 25, 2010

...A bright bowl of brass is beautiful to the Lord. Bright polished brass like the cymbals...

i recently ordered some beautiful stamped brass findings, and spent quite a bit of time last night making new pieces out of them. i've gotten into this habit of renting seinfeld episodes to put on while jeweling. it's sort of...become an obsession. i started at the very beginning and slowly but surely i am making my way through (i just made it through season 1). i think i am probably spending far more money on seinfeld episodes than on food, and i could save if i would just get netflix or something, but there's nothing like starting out a night of jewelry-making with a long walk or bike ride to the video store, handling the scrappy old boxes of dvd's and feeling the excitement upon discovering that they're "in!" my heart almost skips a beat each time i open the thin plastic containers at orbit to discover the little piece of paper which means it's not been checked out yet. so, with the help of the seinfeld crew...

here's what i've been working on for the big crafty:

and for hip replacements:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

tangle rose

new paper earrings at custom in west asheville! check them out! they're all made from molly rose freeman designs.

Monday, June 21, 2010

molly rose freeman

the big crafty is coming up soon.
i'm getting ready with new neck-warmer designs, new paper earrings, cuffs, necklaces, and tons more accessories. i'll be posting some sneak-peak pictures tomorrow or the next day.

in the meannntimmmmmme, molly rose freman and i have been conjuring up some new designs through some fun collaborations. it's always a plus when you're favorite people can also be your favorite artists. her new, neon, pattern-inspired designs are mesmerizing.

soo...what better way to get some new pictures in my earrings and get her art out there in a wearable way than to make paper earrings out of them! i'll be submitting some of these to customin a couple of days and will have tons more for the big crafty.

here they are!



and some of miss molly's originals...



Thursday, June 10, 2010


this has been a busy, busy, two weeks.
working tons at hip replacements,
finishing artist inventory at elementality,
stocking stores up with earrings before visiting home,

visiting home...
i'm out of asheville, the etsy shop is on vacation, and i'm here hanging out with the family. it's so strange visiting home for anything other than a holiday, but apparently 8th grade graduation is an important occasion. my lil 'sis is growing up!

aside from beginning my senior comps study guide and spending time with my sister, i have been DROWNING in new, beautiful yarn!

as soon as i got to town yesterday, i stopped at bella filati to stock up on yarn since i rarely visit home and, well, no other yarn shop compares! here's what i scored:

i will be turning these into beautiful new neckwarmers and scarves to sell at the big crafty!