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Thursday, July 22, 2010

from the big crafty

a preview for bele chere:

hatpins, neckwarmers, hairclips, gift tags...


there's a nikki in there...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bele chere preparations

just working on some last minute projects to fill up the sace with more than just jewely. the hip replacementa booths will be featuring work from margart goodson and i, as well as other artists in the store, sunglasses, asheville grown t-shirts, and more. we will be on the corner of lexington and college st.

i will have...
{jewelry} made from sterling, brass, stainless steel, leather, fabric, vintage chain, beads, and semi-precious stones
{cuffs} made from fa ric and leathee
{bobby pins} made with upcycled magazine images sold.on sweet home-made gift tags
{magnets} from glass stones and upycled mag. images
{gift tags} with a variety of images and hand-stamped 'to & from'
{knitted} neckwarmers, cowls, and wristwarmers

pictures to come tomorrow!

hope to see lots of friends there xxx

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i dream of photography

dream last night:

i was living in two houses--one with a room-mate and one with my family. everybody from both houses left. i was suddenly responsible for two leases and two rents. i tried to rent rooms in the large house out as studio spaces because of the floors and lighting and quiet area. in the process of moving furniture around and making arrangements, i found an old polaroid camera of mine (one i actually have but that does not work) and began taking pictures in and around the house. it seemed as if the camera had endless amounts of film. each photograph was beautiful, deeply saturated, and captured what i could not see for myself. through the photographs, my situation seemed less a catastrophe and more an opportunity. everything around me was beautiful.

and then the last photograph pulled and i went into the backyard. it met up with industrial wasteland that stretched for miles and i discovered that there was a shanty distillery at the crest of the hill of the yard that met up with the miles of trash and emptiness. there were 5 types of nectary fruit infused vodkas brewing. the liquid felt as thin as water and the taste was like nothing i'd ever had.

the end.

Monday, July 5, 2010


so, it's on!
less than a week from today.
sunday 11-6 pm.
one day only.

so many many many wonderful artists will be there with their handmade wares, alongside local musicians, great local food, free beer.

i will have picture soon, but so far i plan on having...
<>neck-warmers & knitted cowls galore (lots of new designs)
<>necklaces::::::from long and elegant with multiple strands, to bright and fun
<>earrings--paper, stone, brass, silver, you name it.
<>and miscellaneous other treaties.

my friend, nikki sova, will also be joining me. she specializes in a variety of feather earrings and necklaces with filigree findings and lots of brass & copper.

it's going to be fun!

and if you don't care about jewelry, that's fine. come to support everybody else.

<3 ryan-ashley