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Thursday, January 13, 2011


i am transitioning...

...to wordpress

i hope you visit me there:



Wednesday, January 12, 2011


a little sneak peak of the things in my 'finishing' pile...

these sweet things are going to be neckwarmers. i think i need to keep one for myself to wear to the art show sunday evening.

emiliana torrini

"dead duck"

this is what i've got on repeat right now...

i'm at hip replacements today, watching the store while franzi & kip are in new york buying lots of new goodies for the store to accommodate the spring weather we are so badly hoping for. the snow is beautiful. i love it. and i love the cold. i love jackets and coats and sweaters and knitwear, but the winter pushes me inside myself. i spend more time in bed than any other time of year. it's when i catch up on the seasons of television i have neglected throughout the year, watch movies i didn't have time to see in theatre, and write the letters i've been thinking about writing since the last time i said "goodbye."

i've written a couple of letters this winter. one got sent away, but for the other, i've got no number, and i've got no address.

that being said, this winter has been really good for me. i'm moving across town on saturday, into a place by myself and it couldn't come at a better time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011


so....my list the other day was a bit ambitious. i'm still working through it.

i am SO excited about the art show this weekend! once again, it's at bobo gallery, sunday evening at 8 pm. there will be readers of poetry & personal essays, a story-teller, two photographers, a sculptor, and my drawings.

the show will be followed by a dance party, dj'd by the lovely eb.

shortly after the art show, in the beginning of february, there will be another benefit at hairspray in downtown asheville...a drag/burlesque show/friend auction of sorts. basically, a mash-up. as soon as i'm through moving (hopefully that will be the middle of next week) i will start feverishly working on the flyer for that and re-pursuing contacts in nearby cities for april rally plans. oh yes, rally plans. i am so excited about all that jufa is doing to promote change/public education and am really thankful to have become involved because i have been desperate to find a way to make/work toward real change in our community/world, but have had trouble realizing a focus for that passion. hopefully i'll have more news on the upcoming events and rally very soon.


this yarn is my new love...

aslan trends, royal alpaca

i have been knitting the sweetest, softest neck-warmers and hats. it's soft and light and really malleable while being super warm and great at holding shape.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


here is the breakdown, and i've got to stick to it.

}make magnets!
}finish drawings and frame them!!!!!
}make fabric neck-warmers and sew tags in, label them, etc
}put tags in knitted neck-warmers and prepare to take to atelier 24 &
}go by the dry goods shop and give leigh anne money for the book "is a boyfriend and a girlfriend" and pick up artist check
}pack up mannequin to take to elementality tomorrow
}make earrings
}call my bff, rachel burgess to talk some cross-continental gossip
}go to black mountain for some coffee and yarn
}hang with kate....possibly go hear some lit professors read at malaprops
}go see a band at bobo gallery
}oh yes, and explore the ins-and-outs of ravelry a bit more.

ok! go!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


today i...

went to the gym
finished one and began another drawing
got my oil changed
bought new tires
finished a custom order
worked on returning e-mails
mailed rachel her long overdue package...

and tonight i will...
make magnets
meet with the art show participants to stake out wall space
knit some more