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Saturday, January 30, 2010

new jewelry

i've been working on a lot of jewelry lately.
by "a lot," i mean whatever i can fit in, since time is scarce.

all of this jewelry will be in hip replacements starting tomorrow, ranging from $12-$24ish.

we will also have new hand-collaged gift boxes for the diy valentine-er.
come see me in the snow!

since i am the only available model after midnight...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


short story for advanced fiction writing...

Jody’s bedroom was like a bad dream. It was so dirty and cluttered, she feared creepy things might actually be living amongst the debris. Spiders in her flannel shirt pocket; rodents in her sneakers. Worse than the mess even, was the smell. Rotten banana peels underneath dirty, wet clothes, underneath sweaty matted dog, underneath black mold, and finally underneath patchouli and incense, which seemed to linger in the corners where the walls meet the ceiling, in the way smoke rises.
Each week, her therapist gave her a new assignment—a goal—that, when reached, would represent something within herself, some jarred parts, falling back into place, in order that she might see some way out of herself. Jody’s mother liked this about him. He called the place Jody seemed to get stuck in when things felt worst, the swamp; her thoughts were swamp water—murky and encompassing. During their last session, he had asked her to close her eyes and imagine her mind as the swamp, and to think about what would have to be done—to the swamp—to make it more inhabitable. Sunlight, she said, to dry up the water, and burning. Burning? he asked. You know, to clear out all the brush. So, as it was the most immediate source of stress, the assignment became to clean up her room.
The landscape of your environment, he said, is a direct reflection of your internal landscape, and the conditions of each, perpetuate the conditions of the other.
It was the day before her next appointment, and she still hadn’t cleaned. After school, she stood in the doorway to her room and surveyed the damage. Her stomach turned. She couldn’t imagine organizing because it felt too much like starting over, and the thought of doing laundry made her want to sleep. After a couple of minutes of immobility, with a deliberation she hadn’t known in months, Jody started hoisting everything she could find—shoes, clothes, electronics, stuffed-animals from her childhood—out of the window that overlooked the back yard. After everything was out, she ran downstairs with a box of matches in her hand, into the back yard, and lit it all on fire. She thought the burning in her eyes was bits of ash from wool sweaters and the chemical smell of burning rubber. As quickly as the tears came, they were dried by the flames like rivulets against her smoke-stained cheeks. She closed her eyes and, standing close enough to feel scared, imagined her swamp drying up only to find roots and bones where all the water used to be.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i just completed my family genogram for my psychology class. all full of slashes and broken lines.

"they" say you are where you came from,
but what if it's either "nothing" or "everything"?

Monday, January 18, 2010


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010


aside from the planet-sized blister on my foot, i had a blast skating.
last time i skated was for an anniversary with an old friend, over two years ago.

i didn't realize skating could be so meditative. after tonight, i've decided to make this a regular thing.

thanks to pat.

the "un-tie"

new item on etsy.
this is the finished version of the thing i mentioned a few posts ago, the tie inspired by my great-grandmother's scarf. i know, i never took a picture of hers, but here is mine!

this is 100% hand-dyed wool yarn, fingering weight.

i love it because you don't even have to tie it; you just slip one end through the buttonhole on the other side!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


the mini-motos are doing splendid at elementality. just finished a fingerless glove special order for an awesome customer of ours and when she came to pick them up, bought a neck-warmer as well!

jordana and donna took us all out for a late christmas/new year's celebration to a local restaurant where they completely surprised (me at least) when extremely generous and thoughtful gifts (pics to come). i'm so thankful to be working with people who really care about who i am in the workplace, but also who i am outside of work, and the things that are also important to me in the rest of my life. i've just started taking over the task of organizing and "running" the local artist aspect of the store, and am really excited about being involved with that process.

our first friday party in february is going to be called "vampire love."

Saturday, January 9, 2010

knitting projects

things i made from the yarn i bought at Spinning Turtle...
i call these "mini moto" and you can do a variety of activities while wearing them, such as:
drinking a beer

cutting things

drawing a line with your finger

and you can hold hands

you can even type and play with buttons!

and how about a boho-style hat?

Spinning Turtle Yarn & Gifts

while in athens, rachel and i drove over to nelsonville (about 10 minutes away) and found this great little yarn shop called Spinning Turtle Yarn & Gifts
. solely owned by a talented go-getter named marti. she was full of inspirational ideas and spent a lot of time talking to us about the local economy. because of the condition of it, locals are looking for inexpensive alternatives to the higher-end yarn found at a lot of knitting shops. while maintaining a variety of prices & quality in her merchandise, she tries to make sure her shop has something for everybody. here are some pictures i took.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

knitting and snowfall

i came to ohio to see my best friend, rachel, who is pretty much the only friend i have who connects me to a world outside of asheville and school and work. i feel so privileged to have somebody whose company is so fulfilling, the yearn for it forces me onto the road and across state lines to a place not much unlike my own except for the largeness of the college and continual snowfall.

we've spent most of our time working, but it's hard to call what we've been doing work when the company has been so great and the work so enjoyable. she's working on her dissertation, of which i am so lucky to hear little bits and pieces, and i'm working on knitting projects and letter-writing, and blog posting, and playtime with panda. living in a place like asheville where i am supposed to have so much opportunity for artistically enlightening experiences, an outpouring of community cultural projects, and great food, at times i begin feeling stunted. even though i never really go into town except for work, it feels like i've seen it all. of course, i haven't, but these feelings come anytime a person's really settled into a place. my time away, with rachel, has provided me with the intellectual and visual stimulation i've needed to re-inspire my projects and plans, and although i don't want to leave, i am ready to get back to a space where i can continue really working.

here are some pictures of my snow play with panda...

Monday, January 4, 2010


i am knitting a tie-like, kerchief-ish neck accessory in homage to my great-grandmother, whose knitting i've still got some of. her designs were inspired and skills impeccable.

pictures to come.

rachel and i scavenged through an incredible vintage store in downtown athens today called athens underground and found everything from vintage "time magazines" to elbow-length gloves and cashmere scarves to gaudy hats. pictures...also...to come.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


i just made it to ohio a couple of hours ago.
it was a beautiful, long, painful trip.
it was beautiful until i started driving through the coal towns in west virginia, where it was still beautiful, but the houses looked like matchboxes, singed around the edges, darkened by the air, and the water from the dirty river they stand beside.
it went by quickly until i passed these towns and the cars and lights and gas stations disappeared and my gas needle fell and it seemed like i was driving into a disaster...

but then i arrived, and rachel was roasting a chicken and garlic, thyme potatoes, and baking pumpkin pies, and the house was warm, and i was so glad to be in from the cold car.

i am spending my week here catching up on knitting--completing some custom orders--, walking my dog, taking pictures, writing letters, and eating.

Friday, January 1, 2010

He drew on her arm, all the things he had dreamt about, and, feeling the pen's tip impress her skin with hope, fell...