ryan-ashley anderson


Saturday, October 23, 2010

where have i been?

i have been paring off...paring off...
quitting jobs, quitting school, and spending all of my time in the studio. now that i only have one job, and am focusing on projects, i can't believe i ever did it. i can't believe i haven't gone crazy yet. i can barely find time to clean the dishes!

i sold my first item on etsy, moved into a wonderful house with the best room-mate i've ever had, finished my barista training, am preparing to meet with a photographer in the next couple weeks to get my etsy page up to par...

i need to write here more.

to do list for the next week...
1. finish knitted tie
2. organize studio space better
3. make jewelry
4. write patterns for knitted ties and patterns
5. paint the dining room
6. sketch out website ideas

pumpkin carving party tonight at the studio!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

get knitty with it!

between moving and work changes, i have totally neglected getting together knitting nights for all you lovely stitchers! so...here we go...

this sunday, october 10, from 630-830 i'll be hosting the usual saturday morning "knitting q & a". hopefully, those of you who are tired at 10 o'clock saturdays from debauched friday nights, will be ready to go on a relaxing sunday evening. feel free to bring food and "drink" for yourself, your favorite "mix tape" (ipod), and your needy project. this time is also great if you're just having a little trouble understanding a new pattern or figuring out where you left off. e-mail me at tangle.design@gmail.com if you have any questions. sliding fee $5-10.

tuesday, oct. 12: 630-830: "knit, tipple, & talk"
bring spirits, bring needles, bring fibers, and friends. this is just an opportunity to get together with friends and commune over our newly awakened fervor for warm winter knitting. no charge. just bring yourself and some vittles.

there will be more classes to come near the end of october, and november. keep your eyes open for: "mist-take no more," "master that gauge swatch," "write your own hat pattern," and more!

all classes held at the dry goods shop in west asheville.